Jeremy Pound

CEO, Juicy Results

Jeremy Pound, dubbed “The CRM Guy,” is the CEO of Juicy Results, a South Florida-based consulting firm that specializes in helping companies scale their sales teams.

He writes and speaks regularly on how entrepreneurs can replace themselves as the only salesperson in their company and has published two books, including Seven Habits of Scalable Sales Teams. Jeremy is also the host of the New Customer Machine podcast, where he interviews experts and entrepreneurs about how to turn strangers into customers at scale.

Prior to developing the proprietary “Scalable Sales Team Framework” that Juicy Results teaches and implements, he founded two professional service firms and used those principles to build service-based sales teams. The setbacks and breakthroughs he learned during those 15 years were the inspiration for the work he does today with other entrepreneurs.

In 2018, Juicy Results helped over a dozen property managers systematize their sales process and scale their sales team.

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